Mobilize people, processes, and platforms to create business value.

Being responsive anytime and from anywhere is a fundamental expectation from businesses today. Stakeholders including customers, employees, partners, and leadership alike look for rapid-access touchpoints with organizations to make decisions at the moments of truth.  

From design thinking unique user experiences to integrating data and operations sprawled across platforms into a single intuitive mobile app, InfoVision helps businesses develop a connected, mobile ecosystem and get a productivity thrust. We also empower you with the governance systems to track performance, manage rule-based access, orchestrate remote functionality, optimize workflows, and drive deeper engagement. With our mobility services, enable effortless communication with your stakeholders while offering single-touch secure sharing and universal access through mobile apps.

Mobility Strategy and Roadmap

We help you define the enterprise mobility strategy, identify quick wins, and accelerate transformation at the intersection of business, technology, and data-led insights.

Platform and Application Engineering

Co-create cloud-native mobile platforms and applications with friction-free user journey designs and immersive interfaces and open up new revenue streams.

Testing and Integration

We manage and scale the complex mobile application development lifecycle, automate and streamline testing, and drive data and service integration.

Mobile and Enterprise App Security

While enabling democratized access, the InfoVision mobility services set up mobile device management and authentication to secure your data with trusted standards.

Proprietary Solutions and Accelerators

Digit7, our innovation lab has developed and maintained in-demand apps such as delivery/pickup, AR apps, among others, supported by our omnichannel engine.

Integrate Revenue Lines

Bring together different business channels and drive cross-sell through app notifications and personalized recommendations.

Make engaging, covenient pathways for people to connect with your business

Mobility assessment and advisory – Evaluate your mobility maturity with a well-defined assessment framework to transform toward a mobilized workforce and enhanced customer experiences.
Enterprise mobility playbook – Decode how to improve employee productivity and efficiency through flexible, remote, secure, and cost-efficient workplace functionalities and services.
Omnichannel solutions – Integrate diverse customer and enterprise touchpoints to improve service availability, drive sales and traffic, and more importantly, enhance user engagement through fluid user journeys.
Agile mobile applications – Devise high-performing mobile applications with personalized content and targeted marketing and loyalty programs, business function-oriented apps, and productivity and workflow apps.
Integrated mobility platform – Launch a single platform to access multiple associated applications such as payment gateways, IoT and connected devices, CMS/rich media servers, legacy systems/CRM, and social apps to maximize operational efficiency.
Mobile analytics – Trigger process improvement, innovation, and efficiency through mobile analytics and related dashboards, offline enablement, and security enhancements.

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