How Cloud based technologies are transforming Digital-age Businesses

In today’s world, Cloud technology is being a part and parcel of our daily lives, it has an impact on both of our personal and professional lives. Starting from our music and TV shows, phones from to-do lists to random notes are stored and easily accessible on the cloud. It completely changed the conventional ways of working. It transformed the way businesses operates, how teams in an organization communicate and collaborate.

How Cloud Technology Works

Cloud is considered to be a synonym used to describe the internet. Functionality of Cloud Computing can be listed as sharing of resources, information, and software via network of computers.
Both software and hardware requirements locally decreases.  Cloud Computing system’s interface software requires the local computers to run. The remaining portion of the work is done by the network computers, servers and data storage systems.

Impact of cloud computing on Business

Ability to Scale

Scalability of business can be checked accurately with cloud computing. As organizations grow, they can increase their capacity to acquire new infrastructure. With the help of cloud computing, organizations don’t need to predict server requirements or buy extra storage space, adjusting subscription with cloud providing companies is enough for that. The service provider just allocates required space according to demand of the organizations. Hence it increases the operational efficiency.

Better way to ensure customer success

Employees are now able to control information that will be beneficial for them to serve potential customers throughout the year, 24*7, and from any remote location. Cloud builds a platform for employees to connect potential buyers via a number of devices like mobile, laptop, tablet or a desktop. Not only big firms can take the benefits of cloud computing, smaller or mid-level organizations can also get benefits by using cloud technology.

Flexible Work Environment

Working remotely is now possible for employees with the help of cloud computing. Hosted virtual desktops can be used to gain complete access of files from any remote locations, at any time. Secure remote access can be provided to remote employees with the help of cloud computing. With the implementation of cloud computing, there are reduced threat of viruses and other cyber-attacks. Even performances of remote employees can be monitored now with cloud computing.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Many organizations have started implementing a completely remote workforce. It saves the whole cost of setting physical infrastructure, hence the initial cost of starting a business is reduced remarkably. Now cloud services like Azure or Amazon is enough to run business operations, so it will save the operational cost for setting up servers and computers


Cloud computing gives an opportunity for innovation and disruption in all businesses. As businesses continue to grow, the cloud will show new paths to design quick and flexible systems. Innovative ideas will continue to emerge and transform the way we interact, work, run businesses and other operational activities.

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