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This white paper delves deeply into the fascinating world of digital humans, shedding light on their inception, applications, and the transformative impact they have on human-computer interactions. In this comprehensive examination, we journey through a series of focal areas including:

  • Foundational Understanding: Delve into the fundamental nature of digital humans. Here, we outline their defining characteristics and take a retrospective look at the ascent of digital influencers.

  • Innovative Implementations: Trace the early adoption and innovative integrations of digital humans. Discover their roles as conversational interfaces, personalized recommendation providers, interactive guides, and participants in dynamic two-way dialogues.

  • Revolution in Interaction: Observe how the advent and evolution of digital human technology has revolutionized human-computer engagement, melding the advantages of conversational AI with the familiarity of human form.

  • Future Prospects: Envision the promising horizon of digital humans in various sectors. With continued innovation and careful execution, we foresee digital humans redefining realms like medicine, education, commerce, and entertainment in unprecedented ways.

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Applications of digital human technology

From personalized recommendations in e-commerce to empathetic virtual health advisors, digital human applications are reshaping the way we interact and engage in the digital realm.  According to Gartner, the digital human economy (DHE) is on a trajectory of significant growth.  By 2035, it’s projected to burgeon into a $125 billion market, with further expansion beyond that point.

Some immediate applications include:

Conversational interfaces

Enhanced communication through human-like bots.

Personalized recommendations

Tailored advice and product suggestions.

Interactive guides

Engaging assistance in virtual tours and learning.

Digital influencers

Virtual personalities endorsing products and brands.

Healthcare advisors

Virtual medical assistance and counseling.

Virtual secretaries & assistants

Efficient administrative support.

Education and training

Adaptive virtual tutors and simulated training.

Entertainment enhancement

Realistic characters in gaming and media.

Applications of digital human technology

In this in-depth guide you will learn

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Understand this evolving cybersecurity landscape

What defines digital human technology, and its significance.

Learn the concept of MDR and its proactive approach

The technology stack that drives the creation of realistic digital humans.

Benefits of digital human technology

Benefits and applications that enhance services, safety, and user satisfaction.

Comprehend how MDR can protect your business from potential threats

Challenges, concerns, and the importance of ethical considerations.

Know what important questions to ask

How InfoVision's services can tailor digital humans to meet unique business needs.