5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Increase Customer Loyalty

3 minutes read
on 19 October, 2017

As marketing and advertising moved into the digital age, websites became the central focus of most business’ promotional efforts. While a strong and effective web presence is still essential, advancing technology means that relying on a website may not be enough to reach your customers where they are. As technology shifts towards a widespread reliance on mobility, mobile apps are providing companies with the presence they need to reach customers on the go. In addition, mobile apps are also proving to be valuable tools that not only increase overall brand awareness, but can also increase current customer loyalty and retention. Below are five ways in which a mobile app can result in more loyal customers for your business.

1. Front-of-Mind Awareness

The idea behind billboard advertising is to repeatedly present your business’ information to potential customers as they go about their daily activities, creating familiarity and prompting brand name recall when they need your services. When a user downloads a mobile app, the icon is saved to their mobile device’s desktop. This means that every time they use their phone or tablet, there’s a good chance your business’ name and logo will be in front of their eyes as a small, colorful reminder. Given that this could be multiple times per day in a professional environment, your business now has the opportunity to remain – at least subconsciously – at the front of users’ minds.

2. Added Value

One of the central tenets of online marketing is to, instead of focusing on purely promotional material, provide content that delivers added value to users. This content may not directly promote your company or the products and services you offer, but shares interesting or useful features or information that reinforces a relationship with users. Whether the content is a collection of educational videos, an industry-related resource sheet, a convenient scheduling or organizational feature, or any other type of value-added feature, a mobile app can be an excellent delivery method for this type of loyalty-building, highly valued content.

3. One-Touch Access

Today’s busy society means that when people need information, they expect it quickly. While opening a website is a multi-step process at the mercy of wireless connection speeds, mobile apps provide users with one-touch access to the information they need about your company, right when they need it.  Better yet, this information is available to them on the go, no matter where they are – even offline. 

4. Feature Integration

The smartphones of today do more than allow users to make calls and check their email. From an increasing array of options, smartphones and other mobile devices offer a wealth of features that make them full-service productivity, entertainment, and communication hubs. With a mobile app, you can take advantage of these abilities by integrating native device features directly into your company’s app. Connect with the map or GPS features to give users quick driving directions to your nearest office location, let users easily schedule appointments and add them to their phone’s calendar, or give them the ability to send an email or SMS directly to a representative, all through integrating with their device’s built-in features.

5. Offering Perks

It’s no secret that consumers love to feel that they’re getting something extra. A mobile app can give you the ability to provide promotions perks directly to your users. Whether you present offers through push notifications or grant in-app access to current campaigns and deals, your app’s users get the benefit of convenient, easy-to-find, relevant deals, and you get the benefit of increased customer loyalty.

At InfoVision, we have the experience and expertise to develop a mobile app that’s custom-built to fit your company’s needs. To learn more about how we can provide the solutions you need to take advantage of the benefits of a mobile presence with an app, contact us today.