Abhilash Vantaram
Abhilash Vantaram
Global head of innovation and emerging technologies

Abhilash Vantaram is a distinguished leader and visionary with a remarkable two-decade career in the IT industry. Renowned for his vision and leadership, he currently serves as the global head of innovation, emerging technologies, and Digital Transformation at InfoVision. In this pivotal role, Abhilash oversees the cloud, data, innovation and R&D practices. Abhilash extends his expertise across a myriad of verticals, including telecommunications, retail & consumer goods, HiTech, banking & financial, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing & logistics, public sector among others.

He is deeply passionate about innovation and technology and their continuing impact on the future of industries, and taking a practical approach to solving real world business problems through innovation and sustainable emerging technologies. He distinguishes in bridging techno-functional gaps and cross industry pollination. As a trailblazer, Abhilash drives innovation-as-a-service to industry-leading organizations with a focus on emerging technologies including but not limited to AI/ML, computer vision and deep learning, generative AI, knowledge engineering, Web 3.0, AR/VR/XR, IoT, blockchain, drones, robotics and more. Known for his hands-on approach, Abhilash actively fosters an innovation culture, driving ideation and prioritization workshops and creating industry-relevant breakthrough solutions. His contributions extend to the development of futuristic products and platforms that will dictate the way business is conducted in the future.


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