Dr. Arvind Deenadayalan (AK)
Dr. Arvind Deenadayalan (AK)
Global Practice Head – Blockchain

Dr. Arvind Deenadayalan heads the Blockchain practice for digital innovation and emerging technology services at InfoVision. Being a visionary and digital transformational leader, Dr. Arvind is responsible for delivering the best-in-class Blockchain solutions for InfoVision’s customers.
Dr. Arvind has led the emerging technologies and digital transformation services for several global service delivery organizations and centre of excellence. He has a strong experience in the banking and capital market domains where he spearheaded large accounts and market units for tier-1 banks and Fortune 100 global banking clients. Dr. Arvind is a research scholar and holds a Doctorate in Blockchain Management. He has done his research thesis on “Blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence approach in Digital Banking for Data Secure, Transactions and Building Scalability Ecosystem” and holds several industry blackbelt certifications.

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