Girish Hirde
Girish Hirde
Global Delivery Head

Girish Hirde stands as a pioneering Global Delivery Head at InfoVision, where his profound 25+ years of IT industry experience elevates him beyond a mere leader to a strategic visionary in IT infrastructure and global service delivery. His tenure at InfoVision has been marked by transformative leadership, characterized by an unwavering commitment to driving business development through customer-centric and partner-allied approaches. Girish's forte lies in orchestrating digital transformation, across the entire automation spectrum starting from application development, legacy modernization, cloud enablement, cybersecurity and AI /ML.  His endeavors in enhancing user satisfaction and spearheading growth initiatives underscore his role not just as a leader, but as a trusted ally to CXO-level stakeholders, demonstrating exceptional capability in managing complex projects and maintaining profitability.

As a transformation leader known for his customer-centric approach and technical proficiency, Girish Hirde exemplifies the essence of strategic leadership, embodying the capacity to motivate, innovate, and translate visionary ideas into tangible outcomes. His record of driving end-to-end global complex IT and technology projects positions him as a change agent committed to advancing InfoVision’s legacy of excellence in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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