Digital Disruption - Don't leapfrog, pole vault instead

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A key lesson in digital transformation is that it is not about re-defining processes merely to implement new  technologies. Technology should be seen as an enabler of new ideas instead of being a singular reason to transform.  Any solution or change in process needs to have the end user’s convenience and perception in mind. A good number  of organizations failed to recognize this and as a result about half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list from a  decade ago are no longer on it.  
While aspiring for digital disruption is a compelling outlook for companies to have, it can also be very tricky. This is  where InfoVision, with its expertise in latest technologies and highly evolved customer-centric design thinking helps  strike the right balance for your organization to bring about digital innovation and positive disruption.


During the early years of digital transformation,when organizations were still figuring out how to go digital, a Fortune 200 bank wanted to alter the traditional and settled market of financial transactions –and change the way people transacted with money.


The client was looking to disrupt the financial payment market and the solution was the first of its kind. Further, the bank had traditional systems and processes in place and changing the legacy infrastructure needed in-depth analysis, planning and cross-functional collaboration


InfoVision developed an easy and secure mobile app that allowed customers and non-customers to transact money using only a mobile number. Our team:

  • Defined gateway architecture, security, and UX requirements
  • Created seamless integration across Android and Blackberry devices
  • Made the app platform with a payment g a t e w a y t h a t w a s c o m p a t i b l e f o r interoperability
  • Designed the backend processes to link each mobile number with a bank account
  • Implemented a customer verification process to reduce fraudulent use of the gateway



  • The solution was recognized with the Mobile Payment Solution of the Year award
  • The solution won 23 other industry awards for its disruptive capabilities that reimagined financial payments
  • Within a few months, the client had recorded transactions in excess of $1.5 billion through the app