Smart Damage Assessment of Leased Vehicles

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Automating and speeding up leased car inspection using Computer Vision, AI and ML Smart Damage Assessment of Leased Vehicles


End-of-lease car inspections form an important aspect of the car lease industry. Currently, damage assessment and inspections are a very long drawn process that can take a few weeks to a month to conclude. Leasing companies depend on lease inspectors to check for dents and damages. Once the assessment is complete, the leasing company needs to give a cost estimate to the insurance companies or the individuals which takes additional time. Apart from the exceedingly long time the whole process takes, since it is person dependent, the inspection may not be objective and accurate.


The Smart Damage Assessment by InfoVision is a revolutionary solution that can cut short the leased car inspection cycle to conclude within a day. This is achieved with the help of emerging technologies like Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Steps involved:
  1. Take pictures and upload the before images of the vehicle to AI/ML servers before leasing the car
  2. When the lease ends, take similar images of the vehicle and upload to the servers. Also upload the insurance policy to integrate policy data – car make, model and age
  3. Using computer vision and AI, the solution generates heat maps and compares the two sets of images and assesses the extent of damage, parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  4. After identifying the damage, the application provides cost estimate for repairs on the same day. This information can be routed to the insurance company.


The automatic damage assessment solution is a futuristic digital solution that can transform an extremely manual and slow process. This is where the future of car inspection and dent detection is headed.

  • Computer Vision and AI/ML driven solution ? Use of heat maps for accurate damage assessment
  • Potential to save enormous time and cost for the leasing companies
  • Optimizes inspection and claims management process
  • Improved customer service – provides damage estimates within a day
  • Easy integration with Insurance claim process