breaking the barrier of cross-border transactions

Presenting our pioneering cross-border payment solution BORDCASH

Designed to cater to businesses, consumers, financial institutions, remittance recipients, governments, regulatory bodies, and international organizations, our solution is an imaginative blend of innovation and technology to accelerate digital transformation in the financial sector. Built on the Stellar platform, this cutting-edge mobile application confronts the limitations of traditional financial systems, specifically in cross-border payments, by leveraging the power of immutable blockchain technology to impact the broader customer journey. 

Unveiling breakthroughs of

Unveiling breakthroughs of Brodcash

Benefits for B2B and C2B remittance

B2B remittance benefits

  • Swift, secure global payments, including large interbank settlements
  • Eliminates manual errors and delays
  • Compliance with financial reporting across jurisdictions due to unchangeable payment records
Brodcash Mobile

C2B remittance benefits

  • Quick, easy international payments in crypto and fiat for individuals
  • Lower costs by eliminating third-party intermediaries
  • Enhanced security and reduced risk of breaches
  • Increased transparency and full visibility of transactions


Revolutionized digital experience

Revolutionized digital experience

See BORDCASH in action

Choose BORDCASH, choose the future!

Our ground-breaking cross-border payments mobile solution, built on the Stellar network blockchain technology, is poised to redefine financial transactions in ways that will profoundly impact people's lives in the immediate future and over the next five years. With enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and an unparalleled user experience, our embedded financial technology has the potential to transform the industry as we know it.

Come join us and be part of BORDCASH – the future of cross-border payments. Experience the benefits of our groundbreaking technology that offers lightning-fast transactions, significantly reduced transaction fees, comprehensive KYC integration, robust security measures, and multi-currency support.


Choose BRODCASH, choose the future!

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