Digital transformation in 2020: 7 predictions for enterprise adoption

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on 02 January, 2020

Digital transformation in 2020


7 predictions for enterprise adoption



From the past decade, prediction of next year’s Digital Transformation service trends had begun to feel a bit monotonous: RPA, cloud computing, the IoT, and AR/VR, It always seemed like the same involvement of technologies being rearranged around the time over and over again. 2020 will be different from that. 2020 will be an impactful year which will bring an all new class of technologies ready to take over the center stage. These are the most 7 significant predictions in digital transformation in the year 2020



5G technology


5G will reach to its advanced state in the year of 2020. With some of the biggest companies in telecommunications, like Qualcomm, Verizon, Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei making sure that the deployment of global 5G remains on advancing track. 5G will hit the ground running in 2020. 5g will bring faster broadband speeds and more reliable mobile networks, the proliferation of 5G will also increase the pace of advancements in building smart city, designing smart automobile, developing smarter manufacturing processes, and advanced IoT-intensive technologies needing for 5G. In other words, the effect of 5G won’t be limited only to will bring the Enterprise digital transformation services that will define 2020.

Advancement of Blockchain technologies

2020 will be the era of digital transformation services for sure as it is predicted that some required applications of blockchain may be seen and its use cases will glorify the usage of blockchain. Amazon Web Services is already in the process to uplift the blockchain technology with their subscription based (Baas) blockchain-as-a-service platform, other global technology giants are also working in this domain, including Apple, Google, Alibaba, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM and more. It can be stated that in the near future blockchain will be implemented in improving and tracking food security and safety, analyzing intellectual property and royalties, and real estate/asset management for instance. 2020 could be the start of the real advancement of Blockchain.

RPA catches a new momentum:

 Robotic Process Automation cannot be considered as a new trend in digital transformation services or Enterprise digital transformation services and is widely considered to be one of the most effective technology, as interest and investments continue to grow, and RPA already showed its advantage, 2020 will be a very big year for RPA as the organizations will increase their investments on this technology, just as 2019 was with money being poured into companies like Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Blue Prism.

Microservices Architectures will be sky-rocketing

According to IDC by 2022, 90% of all the upcoming or future apps will be entirely based on microservices architectures that can upgrade the ability to design, update, debug and can implement third party code if needed. With this, the global Intelligence firm predicted that nearly 35% of the entire production apps will depend on cloud-native. This will lead to the expansion of an advance designed and internally developed app that can grow faster with its business models that current methodologies and development tools allow.

The Expansion of Edge Computing

Edge computing can play a big role in 2020 in Enterprise Digital Transformation, according to IDC by the end of 2022, more than 40% of organizations’ cloud deployment projects or initiatives will include edge computing process and nearly 25% of endpoint devices or gadgets and systems will perform Artificial Intelligence or NLP algorithms efficiently. It can be considered as one of the most important feature for customer success which will eventually lead to 60% of the Business-to- Consumer brands welcoming net promoter score as their primary success metric by the end of 2020.

Autonomous vehicles, smart cities will come into play:

With the current trends in Digital Transformation, it is predicted that the integration of edge compute and 5G will bring this era closer to truly autonomous vehicles, gadgets, drones, and cities in 2020. Tesla, can be termed as the pioneer in bringing this to market, but this isn’t something only Elon Musk is trying to tackle. This is happening through close partnerships between automotive manufacturers and technology makers. Many Automobile giants like ford, Volvo etc. are tying up with tech giants like Intel, dell, Microsoft, QUALCOMM and also companies like Uber is designing their own autonomous fleet and Amazon is looking to deliver products to door via an autonomous drone.

Low-Code Development Continues to Gain Higher Ground

2020 will witness the Enterprise Digital Transformation services in a spectacular growth, it is predicted that the demand for enterprise software seems to increase drastically. And no matter how hard any one try, developers can’t code software quickly enough. This is the reason why more enterprise software needs are being met by low-code development platforms.

According to research from, the global low-code development platform market will grow to about $27 billion by 2022, up from $4 billion in 2017 and at an annual compound growth rate of 44%.