Four Questions to Assess Your Company’s App-titude

3 minutes read
on 23 October, 2017

Four Questions to Assess Your Company’s App-titude

For many companies, determining whether or not a mobile app makes sense for service optimization often boils down to the CTO’s  “everybody’s-doing-it” approach to adopting new technology. And while there’s certainly a place for staying in step with your competition, there is a better way to set apart your company’s mobile strategy and it starts with a quick assessment of your company’s app-titude — that is, figuring out if a mobile application not only moves the needle toward enhancing your customer’s brand experience, but also delivers on ROI.


Is there a less expensive,  more effective way to reach a broad audience?

The cost to have a mobile app developed can range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars on the low end  to upwards of $10,000  depending on functionality and back-end complexity. Generally speaking, the cost of entry is relatively low considering the number of potential customers you’ll reach, plus monetizing will help offset costs, but there’s also a number of other ways to connect with your consumers that may be more effective. For example, your full website, traditional and online marketing or even in-person touches may impact your customers more than mobility. It’s important to know how your customers want to interact with you, if they are already mobile app users and how open they are to integrating new technology into their experience with you.



Will the application add valuable and unique elements to your customer’s interaction with your brand?

There’s nothing more annoying than an app that doesn’t deliver. We’ve all installed apps that promise life-changing experiences, only to be completely disappointed that it’s hard to use and doesn’t bring any additional value to our interaction with the brand. Think about how your app can provide a new layer of experience and ask yourself, will your company’s new app entertain, inform or truly make life easier in some way for your customers? Superior apps accomplish all three.



What’s your competition doing?

If all of your top competitors are reaching their customers with a mobile strategy, then it’s probably a good idea for you to do the same. Having an app can put you on the same field as some of the major players in your industry, you’ll just need to be able to leverage SEO, PR and advertising to draw consumers to your app.



Will your app motivate consumers to keep coming back?

Good apps keep you coming back. Great apps are shared among friends. The best apps generate buzz. Either way, your company’s mobile application should be able to achieve a certain level of virality. If it doesn’t “catch on,” you’ve potentially wasted a lot of time and money. Remember, the goal is to entertain, inform and/or make life easier. These elements are key to app reuse.

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