How to Succeed as a Woman in the Male-Dominated Tech Industry

3 minutes read
on 18 October, 2017

Articles after articles have been written about the obvious imbalance among the amount women and men working in the IT industry. Women represent 10% of venture capitalists, while they’re leaving the industry two times the rate of men. The observation may be obvious but it’s a tough one to address, but now, IT staffing firms are seeing a positive trend in the amount of women in the tech industry.

Events such as women-only conferences, workshops, and social outreach groups such as Women 2.0, have helped boost the morale about being a woman in a male-dominated industry. Since these events and groups have been created, IT staffing firms have seen a vast improvement in the motivation of women to get into the tech industry, remain in it and make a name for themselves.

Karen Richardson, a former Epiphany chief executive, states, “For the first time in over 30 years, a gender conversation can be a productive dialogue.”

If you’re a woman who has a goal of becoming a force in the tech industry, you have to know what it takes to get in. While IT staffing firms have noticed the trend of women being successful in the industry is growing, it’s still not easy to start out your career. Follow the following steps and you’ll be recognized as someone to look out for.

Earn your spot

Unfortunately, being a woman in the tech industry is a difficult task, and earning your spot in a company is challenging at best. IT staffing firms believe the goal is to have a voice within your group. Working in the tech industry means that you are going to find numerous situations in which you’ll be collaborating with others, mainly male co-workers.

Attend every meeting or brainstorming groups with ideas in mind for how you can execute the task at hand. Know everything about the topic, make sure you do your extensive research so that you’re ready for any questions they throw at you. Finding out what makes you a substantial asset to your team will earn you the respect you need to grow in the industry.


Don’t try to be someone you’re not

Understandably, women may think they have to try harder than men to impress others when fighting for a respectable position in the industry. You can easily be your own worst enemy when you’re vying for a position, and trying too hard can hurt your chances.

While you can be competitive, it’s important to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes, as well as being so overzealous about getting your desired spot on the team that you’re making others look bad. Know what you have to offer your team and play to your strengths in order to mesh well and add value.



Have a voice

Possessing a voice that is constant throughout a group work environment and in an industry where women’s voices aren’t frequently heard is extremely vital to your success. When you have a voice that stands out your ideas are heard, you influence others and you gain respect, all things women need in the tech industry to be successful. Consider volunteering for presentations, go to your manager or team leader with ideas and show them that you’re in it to help the team and/or company thrive.


Getting discouraged is the last thing that will help you succeed in the tech industry. Teaming up with IT staffing agencies in order to find the right tech position and company for you will help make your transition into the male-dominated world a bit easier.

InfoVision, an IT staffing firm, provides staffing solutions to companies in order to find the right candidates for every position, male or female. Contact us today in order to learn more about contributing to the growth of women in the IT industry.