Improving CRM Practices with Salesforce IoT Cloud

5 minutes read
on 16 June, 2020

Those who wonder why Salesforce implementation services are so sought after, all they need to do is reflect upon the very nature of businesses. The only thing in business that has not changed over time is the customer. No matter what the business maybe about, it would amount to nothing if a customer is not convinced to make a purchase.

However in the last few years we have seen the evolution of commerce. From being essentially local comprising of face to face interactions, commerce is now global whose primary deterrents could be loss of network or mobile connectivity.

Today people and objects are connected to the internet to access information, communicate with other people and to do business. As a result of which the concept of IoT (Internet of Things) evolved. IoT is the technology which connects people and devices in order to make life easier.

As IoT is evolving from buzz word to best practices, businesses are looking to generate value from the huge amount of data that is being generated as a result. To that end, customer relationship management can be improved drastically using a platform such as Salesforce to integrate IoT.


Salesforce Implementation - An Important Step for Every BusinessSalesforce Implementation

A customer relation management(CRM) system often refers to a web application or a particular software which helps the organisation focus on individual customers. Salesforce is one such relationship management service which also sells a suite of complementary suite of enterprise application support focused on customer service. Salesforce is one of the largest and most popular cloud platform providers in the world. It offers its CRM solutions through various platforms such as



  • Sales Cloud: Incorporates marketing, sales, customer service and business analytics into a single platform

  • Service Cloud: Helps companies that sell services and/or products. Features such as call centre, email and chat, google search, contracts and entitlements can be used. Salesforce Media services is one of the more popular services under this.

  • Marketing Cloud: The marketing cloud incorporates integrated solutions for customer journey management, email, mobile web personalization, content management and so on. A simple search for marketing cloud case studies can reveal how beneficial this is proving for organizations who have gone for Salesforce implementation.

  • IoT Cloud: A sophisticated platform for storing and processing IoT data.


IoT CloudThere are others as well like Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud and App Cloud. A CRM platform helps companies target different audiences and can be used across departments to ensure that all customer facing teams are empowered with the right data to create the best possible customer experience.


As mentioned earlier, Salesforce IoT cloud  provides a platform to store and process data. Salesforce consulting firms have been laser focused on finding new ways of combining device data and customer data which empowers organisations to build a completely customer centric business.

The Salesforce IoT cloud captures customer data everywhere today, be it human interaction or sensors or devices or website engagements, or email history, mobile events and so on. This kind of data is a treasure trove of information for a business to work on for better customer engagement. On the other hand, security is a top technical concern for organisations that deploy IoT systems. This is because companies have almost no control over the sources and nature of hardware and software utilized in their IoT networks. Many connected devices have little or no cybersecurity protection. However Salesforce IoT helps to build an IT infrastructure with regulatory compliance by utilizing access tokens for secure access.



CRM Practices Benefit with Salesforce IoT Cloud Implementation

CRM Practices Salesforce integration with IoT devices enables businesses to keep customer data updated and address their growing expectations in the following ways:



  •  No Code Approach


Salesforce IoT Cloud allows business associates to carry out their IoT processes without much IT knowledge.  This reduces cost and enables organisations to test business ideas more readily.



  • Enhanced Data Analytics


Salesforce uses Einstein Analytics, a business analytics software built in the cloud to enhance cloud processing. Einstein Analytics enables users to build and customise their own analytics apps using prebuilt components. The importance of managed IT infrastructure helps to achieve this in an organised manner.



  • Improved Customer Acquisition


Today the impact of cloud computing on retail business is undeniable. This is evident from the  fact that every product connected to the cloud, enables the sales team to access information about every single product.  Based on this the sales team can analyze the data to predict customer behaviour and requirements.

While benefits vary by department or industry, 6 benefits that help every user are



  • Trustworthy reporting

  • Dashboards that showcase data

  • Improved messaging with automation

  • Proactive service

  • Efficiency enhanced by automation

  • Simplified collaboration


Harnessing the full potential of Salesforce IoT Cloud requires a focused approach to it. Managed service providers  are Salesforce consulting firms, with technical staffing services  that help with extensive CRM services. The Salesforce implementation consultants will help the organisation to explore options, research data, offer recommendations, begin development and implementation and provide support.  Salesforce implementation services include support right from installation till thereafter ironing out several changes on the path to achieving optimal business growth.

IoT has the potential of taking customer satisfaction to a much higher level than that which exists. Service based on actionable IoT insights empowers an organisation to be able to look into the future with respect to customers needs. Utilizing IoT and CRM brings forth innovative ways of connecting with customers. Salesforce is already ahead of the competition in adopting IoT technology.  The commitment to digital transformation by the CRM vendor, Salesforce, is obvious with the Salesforce IoT platform. The Salesforce implementation services will ensure the integration into the business needs of the company.