5G In Action: Hear It From Experts!

By the end of 2023, 5G is forecast to reach 1.3 billion connections. In fact, gauging the extent of what 5G will become hours later from the reality of what it is now is hard to sort out!

But for sure, 5G is better and more promising than the rest! Let us look at the how?

Leveraging the power of 5G

5Gs higher connection speeds, greater capacity, and lower latency are presenting an exciting horizon of opportunities for businesses and consumers across the globe.

From customer experience and augmented reality to business intelligence, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and remote surgery, the potential for 5G uses is almost unfathomable. In fact, you name the vertical, and it has 5G making the transformation in the right direction.

Moving ahead, from the networking aspect of 4G to the applicability and great transformation that 5G brought, it suddenly became all about telecom and the ecosystem, not just connectivity.

This past year 34 billion dollars (about $100 per person in the US (United States)) was invested in network building. That is, the telecom infrastructure is still in the build-out mode.

From the spectrum to the network and applications, all industries are chasing to leverage the potential of 5G. Now, in the space where people are also talking about 6G, what happens to 5G?

Find out the how's and whys of 5G technology firsthand from the subject matter Experts!

Key-Takeaways from the Panel Discussion:

  • What does the transition from 4G-5G look like?
  • Different use cases of 5G  
  • Best way to approach or deploy 5G without impacting the user experience.


With the fastest deployment compared to any other generation, 5G is ringing the bell with loaded latency, high responsiveness, and superfast speeds ranging from 300 to 500 MBPS.

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