How Technology Improves Warehouse Agility?

Back in 2020, research conducted by Intermec, a workflow performance company, stated UK Distribution Centers (like other Warehousing touchpoints around the globe) lose around 3000 work hours owing to nonproductive workflows!

No wonder, manually supervising a Warehouse is nothing less than a logistical nightmare! The most experienced warehouse managers and inventory auditors might fail to keep up with the challenges incurred. Leave alone the need to keep the costs of your operations at a manageable level.

The good news, however, is that the unpredictable supply chain processes are now gold-brushed with innovative technology-imbibed management techniques. These innovative technologies are making warehousing processes smoother and faster.

It is no secret that Warehousing, like everything else, is in a technology-driven revolution. From inventory control to product centralization and keeping the goods safe, companies look forward to innovative technologies and tools for inventory & supply chain management.

Robots, drones, a focus on green consumerism, omnichannel selling, better payment processing, customized packaging with same-day delivery options, voice shopping, etc., are some of the technological advancements witnessed in the supply chain space.

As companies race to identify and adopt emerging technologies, we got into an expert panel talk with the CXO-suit experts in the supply chain industry.

Discussion Highlights:

  • The impact of technology on Warehousing
  • Which technologies are leading warehousing practices?
  • What is blocking the endorsement of technology in Warehousing?

If you are finding ways to cut costs, optimize operations and improve overall supply chain efficiency, this panel talk will surely help.

That said, technology is changing the warehouse game altogether.

The rapid changes and unpredictable supply chain behavior are prompting an agile and ready-to-adapt nature for warehouses. Thus, we rely on technology to help us manage our business.

Again, each Warehouse stands different and should incorporate a well-balanced combination of technology depending on their requirements and preferences.