Johannes Kepler, the iPhone & Enterprise IT: Watershed Moments

2 minutes read
on 22 October, 2017

Johannes Kepler, the iPhone & Enterprise IT: Watershed Moments


What do the iPhone and 17th century German scientist Johannes Kepler have in common?



The answer is that both fundamentally changed the way a large portion of the world looked at things.  Kepler’s findings about how planets moved around the sun were the beginning of a fundamental shift in how new ideas were adopted and tested.



Before Kepler, new ideas and technology were centrally controlled by the church, and afterwards, control shifted away from the center.  Anyone was able to test a new approach and adopt the technology or approach that worked best.



The iPhone was the same kind of historic watershed for enterprise IT that Kepler became for science.



Before the iPhone, corporate users were assigned a computer, told what applications they could use, and had neither a desire to understand how something within the corporate network, or any ability to deviate from the mystical “corporate standard” mandated by IT.



Then, along came the iPhone. For the first time, senior executives – even CEOs – understood a new technology long before enterprise IT caught on.  They stopped caring about corporate standards, and directed the IT staff to find a way to make it work.  Once that happened, the floodgates opened, and the world of enterprise IT changed forever.



The Yankee Group reports that over 80% of U.S. IT decision-makers have accepted some form of consumerization in their enterprise, with mobile devices and applications accounting for the largest segment of the “consumer” devices finding their way into the enterprise.  Whether they are BYOD, company-supplied devices, or the applications required to support, manage and secure them, consumer-friendly devices have required a basic strategy change for many business and IT leaders.



In fact, consumerization is just the most visible part of a dramatic shift in the way enterprises manage their networks.  Application mobility – that is, the ability of corporate users to access key applications from multiple devices – is transforming the entire industry, from corporate IT to the vendors and consultants who support enterprise networks.



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