Let’s WATCH for wearable devices

3 minutes read
on 23 October, 2017

Let’s WATCH for wearable devices

In the last several months, there’s been much ado about the future of wearable devices. If you’re not familiar with this term, wearable devices are the next generation of smart mobility — technology that goes where you go.

By now, most of us are fully accustomed to, no matter where we are, logging on via our phones, tablets or laptops and responding to email, accessing documents or even conducting video meetings. Take that idea a step further and imagine being able to accomplish these tasks with devices that can be worn on your body. It’s certainly an idea we’re drawn to, but will it catch on? Major mobile solutions players like Google, Apple, Sony and other tech giants seem to think so, and to prove it, here are the devices they’re beginning to buzz about:


Smart Watches

Remember the calculator watches from the eighties — one of the early forms of wearable computing devices? Now think of all the functionality found in your iPhone strapped to your wrist. Pretty sweet. That’s exactly where smart watches are headed. And while early versions don’t have all the capabilities of a smart phone, they certainly do much more than addition and subtraction. While functionality varies among these new devices, many, using Bluetooth technology, operate as phones, cameras, navigation systems and run mobile apps that allow gaming, as well as playback of video and music files. All of this, within arm’s reach.



Google Glass

Perhaps one of the coolest wearable devices coming down the pike is Google Glass, which are worn like eyeglasses that display information right in the lenses and operate by voice commands. Its light weight, break-resistant design was developed to make it easy and practical to wear. According to the website for the device, you can take pictures of what you’re seeing in front of you, you can record video of what you’re seeing and you can even share it all live. And there’s more; it will translate languages for you and map out a path to find your way back if you get lost hiking.



Smart clothing

How about a t-shirt that measures your heart rate, respiration and skin temperature? What if that same t-shirt could also be customized to measure moisture in the skin and serve as a EKG monitor? These are the kinds of “smart fabrics” that are available now for consumers. There are even vest with built-in solar panels that will recharge any electronic devices the wearer is carrying. That’s smart.



Smart fitness devices

Health and fitness enthusiasts will also be able to enjoy more sophisticated wearable technology with gadgets that wirelessly transmit info to mobile apps or websites that keep up with daily activity, calories or even sleep patterns. Where older devices may have only tracked steps taken or how many calories were burned during a given period, new devices also take it to the next level by adding skin temperature and heart rate monitoring.

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