Mr. Yalamanchili co-founded Visual Collaboration Technologies, centered on VCollab - a 3D simulation lifecycle management product. He is the President and CEO of CNC Investments Inc., a successful multi-billion dollar business venture specializing in multi-family property acquisition, management, and land development, while also serving on InfoVision’s Board of Directors. Through his outcome-driven leadership, CNC became one of the ten largest privately-held multifamily operators in the United States within 14 years of incorporation, with a portfolio that consisted of more than 44,000 units, spread across nine states.

He is closely involved in all aspects of CNC including equity raise, acquisitions, operations, and divestiture, with specialized expertise in identifying and developing highly skilled property and portfolio managers.

Mr. Yalamanchili received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, USA, and has worked in Quality Control Engineering. In addition to the aforementioned companies, he founded Cybersoft Technologies, Indus Trading, DuncanMacy, and Mantra