Sean Yalamanchi
Sean Yalamanchi

Sean Yalamanchi is the co-founder and the president of InfoVision. Sean has vast experience of more than two decades in Digital Transformation, Growth Management & Business Development, Information Technology and Leadership. He leverages his expertise to lead business development, global sourcing, and strategic alliances in his role. Additionally, Sean focuses on innovative technologies, execution, and leadership. Passionate about entrepreneurship and philanthropy, Sean encourages his people to push boundaries and serve their communities. He donates his time to sit on the Board of Directors for Tech Titans, the technology association for North Texas.

Sean has a strong management experience across multiple verticals including telecom, banking, retail and technology. In 2022, Sean received a 96% CEO Approval Rating on a reputed platform. His direction has led InfoVision to win numerous accolades, such as the Dallas Top 100 and Inc. 500 lists.

Sean has completed his M.S. degree in Computational Mechanics from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He is the co-founder of vCollab, a simulation life cycle management product deployed worldwide.