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16 Aug 2019
Mobile experience for a retailer
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Perks of building engaging mobile experience for a retailer


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In the current scenario, the growing popularity of mobile apps is evident from the total number of mobile apps available in the market today. As the demand for apps keep on growing day by day, the fact is well accepted that these apps are one of the most suitable choice of interaction among customers in the digital age.

E-commerce and online shopping brought shopping experience out of store into the computer screens of customers, but mobile apps are far more advanced, bringing it to their fingertips. Few ways of how retail mobile apps are assisting businesses to achieve maximum sales.



  1. Increases Reach


To reach potential customers, it is very important to know where they are; it is the most crucial state of sales and marketing. This is where mobile app fetches the biggest advantage.

Here are some facts and statistics to prove that mobile devices are the best way to reach consumers.



  • Nearly 70% of web traffic comes on a mobile device.

  • S. consumers’ generally spends 5 hours per day on mobile

  • Interaction of customers with brands increases to 2x on mobile devices.


These statistics show that mobile apps are the place where retailers can find their customer and that is where retailers must increase their focus.



  1. Builds Loyalty


Mobile apps give an independent platform to the customers to communicate directly with the company. In-app notifications, push notifications and recommendations on mobile devices keep the consumers engaged and hooked to brands at all times. Many mobile apps provide loyalty programs and gamification platforms into their mobile apps. This helps in increasing interaction with consumers.

It also prevents customers from browsing elsewhere – the more they shop, the more they win, and the more loyal they become.



  1. Improves Efficiency


Besides bringing products to consumers, mobile apps do much more than this. They help in creating and designing efficient process and also provides easier access. Several features like integrated shopping carts, advanced payment gateways help to create a smoother buying process.

In operations segment, this turns beneficial to store, track and monitor invoicing and inventory management systems.

Three essential features in Retail mobile apps



  • Seamless User Interface


This is one of the crucial aspects to focus on while designing a mobile app. These days, apps are the first point of interaction between the companies and clients. It is the platform where the consumers will decide whether they want to continue. Simplicity, Ease and Brand Recognition are the key principles. It is advised not to complicate your app’s UX with ample amount of information. It is necessary to check whether brand colors, logo and other aspects of the organization’s brand image are clearly described in the UX.



  • Hassle-Free Purchase Options


Impulse buys are very common and it provides a great advantage for retailers even on mobile apps. The best way to generate revenue on this, is to make sure that the customer’s purchase journey is effortless and quick, without any hiccups. The moment customers face an issue in the buying process, the consumer gets disappointed, which could overrule the consumer’s impulse to buy, resulting into significant downfall in customer loyalty.



  • Personalized Experience


Machine Learning has bring the online shopping experience a long way from what it used to be. Shoppers don’t have to witness spam emails or searching through millions of products to recognize what they want.

Apps are continuously learning consumers’ buying behavior and seeking ways to personalize the user experience for them. Push notifications displaying the products they like and attractive offers for those products will give consumers added incentive.





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