Readying your organization for mobile CRM

3 minutes read
on 23 October, 2017

Readying your organization for mobile CRM

As CRM spending continues to increase among business organizations, mobile CRM apps continue to gain popularity among companies that need to equip field or remote employees with a high level of mobility. Gartner Research reports that mobile CRM apps will grow a whopping 500 percent by 2014. The report goes on to say that there are 200 mobile CRM apps currently in app stores, but by 2014, there will be 1,200. The rise in demand may be explained in part by Gartner’s findings that, “worldwide PC shipments totaled 79.2 million units in the first quarter of 2013, an 11.2. percent decline from the first quarter of 2012. Global PC shipments went below 80 million units for the first time since the second quarter of 2009.”

By being able to access customer data from anywhere on just about any mobile device, employees can do everything they would typically do from their desktops or laptops. When done right, mobile CRM solutions can benefit organizations through increased productivity and effectiveness throughout an entire sales process including productivity, lead generation, follow-up and conversions. Mobile CRM should effectively streamline the entire process for field employees and improve the entire experience for the customer.


Choosing the right solution

It’s important to note that mobile CRM apps should not be a simple carbon copy of a desktop program. It should be optimized to fit the specific mobile device being used and a custom user experience should be generated that takes full advantage of that device’s functionality.

Choosing the right mobile CRM solution also involves making sure it fits your organization’s specific needs. How many users will need the application and what functionality is required to do the job well are both important questions that will help determine what solution is best for you. Also, knowing what security measures should be in place and how manageable it will be for your organization is key. You don’t want a solution that requires a great deal of IT support and that ultimately adds more work for your team.

Obtaining buy-in from employees who will be using the app is essential. Find out from them how they need the CRM solution to function in order for it to improve the way they work. You’ll also want to know before selecting a solution how quickly and easily it can be up and running within your organization. A smooth, efficient deployment process will help the solution get off to a good start within your company.

As with any good app, mobile CRM apps should be intuitive and seamless in its integration with other applications your organization uses to get work done. If the app is clunky or complicated then it’s very likely that no one will use it. Make sure you find a vendor that is willing to conduct thorough training to get all your users up to speed.

With the right mobile CRM solution, you can revolutionize the way your employees meet your customer needs. Starting with a strong planning, vetting and implementation program will ensure that you get off to a strong start with your new mobile CRM solution.