Top Ways IT Departments Can Leverage Video

3 minutes read
on 22 October, 2017

Top Ways IT Departments Can Leverage Video

The use of video is increasingly growing in popularity as a key element of marketing strategies to reach consumers, the medium is also gaining traction in the world of IT departments. From attracting new customers, to boosting recruiting efforts, to employee training programs — video can be a powerful and effective tool for IT departments for a number of reasons. And because video technology is likely already included in your IT toolset, having the resources to leverage video should be fairly accessible to most IT teams. If your IT program has not yet adopted video into your practice, here are several ways you can begin to leverage the technology:

Use video to attract new customers

Explanatory video can be used on your home page if your service or product is innovative or requires more detailed explanations for new customers to understand. You can also use video to set yourself apart from your competition by explaining how your products or services are different and better.

Use video to make product or service announcements

Video is a also a great way to get the word out and build buzz around a new product or service. It helps your organization rise above the noise level of all the other product announcements and directs viewers to your website, creating value and traffic.

Use video to boost your recruiting efforts

Because finding and recruiting the top talent is a crucial function of most IT departments, creating videos that feature company employees and that promote the company’s culture and career growth opportunities can be very influential as a recruiting tool.

Use video to educate customers

Video is also an excellent tool for product or service demonstrations because they can convey more ”how-to” information faster than using photos, illustrations or written descriptions. They can also be used as a marketing tool to put a more personal face on your company.

Use video to educate and train employees

Video can be used as a great tool to reach employees as well.  You can use them as a teaching tool and reach many people at once. It alleviates operational issues associated with one-on-one training and ensures consistent messaging.  People are visual and video can be much more engaging than reading instructional or employee manuals.

Use video to share positive customer experiences

Another great use of video is for customer testimonials. They help add credibility and validate your business. Additionally, customer testimonial videos can help build positive buzz and social proof of why your company is a good choice. Satisfied customers touting how your company was able to help them meet business objectives, and how they will continue to use and recommend your services also builds trust.


Share Best Practices

Live and recorded video can also be used to create communities for clients, vendors and ssuppliers to come together and learn industry information and best practices. This medium is convenient as well as time and cost saving because it can be distributed easily and reach broad audiences at once.