Top Women in Tech

3 minutes read
on 18 October, 2017

The male dominated career field of technology has consistently seen numbers that would make any women insecure about making an attempt to jump in and make a difference. Recently, IT staffing firms have seen a boost in the amount of women that are making a name for themselves in tech.

The increase in the amount of women in tech could be for many reasons. Companies are starting to see the value women have and what they can bring to the table. They provide other insights to ideas and give you more than just one angle to look at a client’s needs from. Also, IT staffing firms have noted that the push for more women in tech has a lot to do with the few women that have already made a name for themselves. Women CEO’s and CIO’s of major corporations such as Yahoo, IBM, HP and more, are doing their best to give every woman who dreams of working in technology a reason to push for their success.

Marissa Mayer – Yahoo President and CEO

Arguably the most talked about woman in tech recently, especially with the substantial notoriety her book Lean In has received, IT staffing firms credit her for giving women the confidence to make it in tech. She has made a name for herself since the beginning, being the first ever female engineer at Google. Since working at Yahoo, she has made her strong presence felt. She took it upon herself to end the company’s work from home policy.

Virginia Rometty – IBM President and CEO

After joining IBM in 1981 and acting as the Senior Vice President of Global Business Services, Virginia Rometty took over as President and CEO in January of 2012. She has been named in the top 15 of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women list for the past two years. Running a tech juggernaut such as IBM proves that women in tech should look to her as motivation.

Meg Whitman – HP President and CEO

Not only is she a member of the tech industry, but she also has taken chances at running for Congress. Meg Whitman is no stranger to being at the top, before HP she held the same position at eBay for ten years. She also contributed and held important positions at corporate giants such as Hasbro and Dream Works.

Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook COO

With the boom in social media over the past few years and the impact Facebook has had on the world, being the COO is something to be proud of. Sheryl takes care of everything from Facebook’s human resources to their sales and marketing, with numerous other responsibilities in between.


As a woman aspiring to break the mold of the “male-only” tech industry, researching and studying the tactics and advice of the top women in the industry, will make all the difference for you. Speaking with IT staffing firms such as InfoVision can help you find the perfect company for you to work for. Remember to make sure that your voice is heard and that your ideas are known, use the potential success as your motivation to make a difference in the industry.