Unfolding the Inevitable Future of Testing with Hyperautomation

No wonder 80% of organizations plan to have hyperautomation on their technology roadmaps by 2024! This rapid adoption and popularity of the technology can be attributed to the proven fact that it can significantly improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity for businesses across industries.  While these transformational capabilities of hyperautomation in operations, analytics and customer engagement are known to many, only a few have leveraged the potential of hyperautomation in the testing domain. We have both illustrations and insights on how this can be done.

This whitepaper gives you a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The evolution of hyperautomation
  • The technologies, tools or platforms that comprise the hyperautomation ecosystem
  • Boosting ROI with advanced capabilities of hyperautomation
  • The strategies that can help you stay ahead of the curve
  • InfoVision’s three pillars of excellence to successfully implement hyperautomation