Why and How you should Recruit Women for your Tech Business

3 minutes read
on 18 October, 2017

Women in technology are rare to come by, but not as rare as in recent years. Companies are beginning to realize the benefits and skills that women bring to the table that most of their men counter parts don’t. Women offer different insights by being experienced buyers that know exactly what your target clients or customers need.

Making an adjustment in your hiring process in order to target both men and women can be extremely beneficial to your company. With the different viewpoints and opinions that the two gender groups provide your company, you can build successful processes, land a variety of clients and improve your overall business.

With the gender gap improving and thinning out as the years pass by, thanks to high ranking CEO’s such as Yahoo!’s Marissa Mayer, women are beginning to look into the tech field and see more opportunities.

IT staffing firms believe that it is essential for tech companies to have women employees, and here is how we recommend you find them:

Think about where women in technology look

While many tech companies may tell their IT staffing firms that only men ever respond to their ads for opening positions, and while it may be true, it’s not because women see it and aren’t interested, it’s because women don’t see it at all.

Because of the imbalance of gender in the technology world, women in technology have found ways to connect with each other and help one another out. Sites like Women in Technology or Women in Tech offer them the chance to build on their career and obtain support from others. There are conferences for women in the industry such as WITI’s Women Powering Technology Summit.

You need to go where the women go, whether it’s the conferences or placing the job listings in specific areas, and make women aware of the opportunities you have at your company. IT staffing firms also recommend that you list your open positions on career sites for women, such as LinuxChix.


Attract them through company descriptions

When you create a job description for a position at your company and you’re looking to hire a woman for it, you need to make the job desirable for them, and that includes avoiding sounding like the office is filled with only men. Don’t advertise that you often drink beer, go to happy hour and go to the gym during the week at the office. Do so in a less discrete way since the majority of the women may have families to go home to. Begin to schedule family events where your employees and their significant others and children get the chance to meet.

As far as the skills listed, you should avoid making the description too specific. For example, stating that it is “Required” for the candidate to know certain programs and high end technologies can be off-putting and narrow your pool of possible future employees. The skillset should be more important, if the candidate can demonstrate their experienced skill set, they’ll be able to pick up on any unfamiliar technology you need them to use.


IT staffing firms, such as our own, are recommending that you jump on the trend of women in the technology industry as soon as you can. You want to give your company the best chance at finding the optimal candidate to fill your open position and provide an insight that others can’t give you. You’ll see vast improvements and a deeper knowledge of your business and you clients.

To speak with an IT staffing firm today, contact InfoVision and we will provide you with strategic staffing resources to find your next great female employee.