5 Myths About IT Staffing

3 minutes read
on 22 October, 2017

5 Myths About IT Staffing

Staffing firms that provide skilled employees for temporary positions, temporary to hire positions, and full-time positions have been around for over 100 years. You’d think after all that time that there would be a clear understanding about how the industry works and what employers and employees can expect, but some myths persist.

That’s a shame, because these myths make it harder for highly skilled people to find the jobs that are begging for their expertise.  For example, did you know that over 90 percent of businesses in the U.S. use professional staffing firms, and that 40 percent of all candidates in management positions within the IT industry found their first job (or their current job) through a staffing agency?  Those are the most recent figures from the American Staffing Association, yet they’re a complete surprise to many job seekers who might not even think of applying with a staffing firm when they first begin a job search.

Of course, InfoVision is more than an IT staffing company. InfoVision works with clients to provide talent both onsite at any client location worldwide, or at one of InfoVision’s US or offshore facilities. So we’re constantly looking for the best and most talented people to add to our team. 

Myth #1:  There aren’t many high-paying IT jobs available 

It’s true that IT salaries are just now recovering from the recession, but IT jobs never took the wage hits that some other industries saw over the last few years. The truth is that there still aren’t enough highly qualified people with current skills to fill all of the available jobs.

InfoVision provides excellent benefits, competitive salaries, good working environments and excellent growth opportunities for the best and the brightest in the IT industry – and if you’re a rockstar in your field, we want to talk to you.

Myth #2: IT staffing companies only work with entry-level professionals

InfoVision and our clients need skilled professionals at all levels. Whether you’re a developer, a project manager, or a senior team leader with C-suite experience, there are opportunities for you with a leading IT staffing firm like InfoVision.

Myth #3: The best jobs are reserved for “direct hires” – you don’t get them by going through a staffing firm

At a large company, it can be much easier to get in the door through a staffing agency than by “going direct” – and a smaller company that offers a tremendous opportunity for you to broaden your skills may not have the internal HR staff to mount the kind of search that can find you.  Working with the right IT staffing company can be the key to a great future with either type of company.

Myth #4: I could get stuck in a contract to do a job I don’t like

One of the major benefits for employer and employee alike is that working with an IT staffing firm makes it easier to match candidates with the best job match – and if things don’t fit, it’s easier to make changes sooner, rather than later. Plus, with new opportunities coming up every week, it’s much less likely for one of our outstanding team members to find themselves without work.

Myth #5: It takes too long to get paid once you are hired

Of all the myths about staffing firms, this is the one that surprises us most.  Unlike a freelancer or independent contractor, InfoVision employees can count on regular paychecks as long as they are working – regardless of the payroll schedule of the company they’re working with, and regardless of how long that company takes to pay InfoVision’s invoices.