IT Staffing Trend: Increase in Relocation among IT Workers

3 minutes read
on 18 October, 2017

As we all know, the economy is still rough, but one thing that is helping is the boost in the amount of IT positions across the nation. IT staffing agenciesare seeing changes for the better in the tech industry, providing better IT staffing solutions for companies nationwide. One of these changes is an increase in the amount of job seekers willing to relocate for an IT position.

With the IT department being one of the most important departments in your company, it’s essential that you look for the perfect candidates to run it. Companies can succeed or fail just by how well the IT department is handled. Unfortunately, you may struggle to find the right candidate for you when you search locally. It’s vital to your success that you don’t just settle for the best potential employee out of that small group of “decent” candidates. You must expand your search, and lucky for you, the IT industry is seeing a substantial growth in candidates willing to relocate for a new position.

Outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas conducted a study which shows that the amount of unemployed candidates that relocated rose to 14%, which is double what it was last year.

With this trend growing, what does this mean for your business?

Searching for the right candidate, and actually finding the one that will make the difference in your company is crucial. When you choose to hire someone for your IT department, especially if they are going into a leadership role, you need to broaden your search so that you don’t miss out on any great candidate opportunities. You should consider looking into partnering with IT staffing firms to find the right employee.

Dealing with candidates that are out of state can be a hassle. The phone interviews, paying for them to fly out for an in-person interview, paying for their hotels, relocation fees, waiting for them to be able to relocate, etc. can all put a damper on the process. But if done right, it’ll all pay off in the long run.

In order to avoid wasting your money on plane tickets for a candidate to come for an interview, thoroughly investigate them first. Set up an initial phone interview and if they do well then schedule a second with the “big guns” of the company. If you would like to get more than just a phone interview before flying them out, then schedule a Skype interview.

Skype interviews are nowadays a common way to interview potential candidates. You’ll be able to see who they are, make sure they aren’t reading off of anything to give the best answers to those difficult interview questions, and you’ll be able to see how they interact with people. If the job they are interviewing for requires presentation skills, then use Skype to your advantage. Ask them to share a presentation through Skype, test their skills and see how well it goes.


Take advantage of the growing trend in relocation. There are always more opportunities to land a perfect candidate when you expand your search beyond local. The right candidate will be worth the hassle, money and the long process of hiring them.

If you would like to avoid the initial interview process of narrowing down the list of candidates, contact IT staffing firms that will provide you with the right IT staffing solutions. Contact InfoVisiontoday.