Increase Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps

4 minutes read
on 22 October, 2017

Increase Customer Loyalty with Mobile Apps

As the digital world continues to take over the marketing and advertising for businesses, the ability to access a company’s information on a mobile device is extremely vital to maintaining customer loyalty. Mobile apps offer companies a way to reach those customers that are always on the go, giving the customers a quick resource to find exactly what they need. Providing them with access to your information, tools or services through your mobile app builds loyalty between the customer and the business, and the more loyal customers you have, the more success you’ll see.

Make sure you go through a custom application development process to make sure the app shows your business the way you intend for it to. Here are some ways in which you can build customer loyalty through a mobile app:

Make them feel appreciated.

When customers are doing business with you or using your app as a source of information, the best thing you can do is show them you appreciate them. Don’t flood their phone with advertisements about downloading your app when they already have, rather target the customer and provide them with information that is relevant to them. Make them feel important through information they are accessing and the information they receive from you and they will continue to come back.

Make sure you focus on their interests and get to know them on a more in depth level so that you can show them that your company continues to be exactly what they need. For example, if you’re an IT staffing service and your app provides job listings, send out information to the customers that are using your app that pertains to new job openings, tips for job interviews, etc.

Give them incentives.

Obtaining the customers email address can be a difficult task. Assure them that you are not going to flood their accounts with spammy emails, tell them that the purpose of providing their email address is for them to create an easy login account and for you to send deals and promotions. Always give them the option of opting out of email subscriptions. Consider asking them to sign up for text message alerts and explain to them how many you send out a month and what would be included.

Consider creating a schedule that outlines when you’re going to send out your mobile emails and text messages. Make sure that you avoid bombarding them with both at once. Alternate days for emails and days for text messages and spread them out. You’ll begin to notice more and more customer loyalty if you give them the space they want from you by sending them deals or promotions only once or twice a month.

Create content that provides them with what they need.

There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re on the go and you need to find out information quickly and sufficiently, and the website or app is full of useless information that provides you with nothing you’re looking for. Think about that when you’re determining how you’re going to gain customer loyalty, think of the important information that isn’t going to waste anyone’s time if they read it. Consider how your target customer is the person on the go and needs answers fast.

Create content that is engaging, eye-popping and always informative. Customers will always think of your app when they need information that you can provide because it’s reliable and easy.

Make navigation easy.

Along with providing informative content, providing easy ways to navigate throughout the app is also vital to its success and customer loyalty. A mobile app needs to be simple and easy to get through, yet still engaging and attractive looking. Even if the customer is using the app for just a few seconds, it should be an enjoyable and easy few seconds.

The key to increasing your customer loyalty is to have a mobile app that is interactive and not overbearing. With the advances in technology and the push for everything to go digital, mobile apps are going to become more and more vital to a company’s success. If you haven’t created one yet, read about how to build a mobile strategy and then get to work!

Mobile apps are great mobile marketing solutions that provide you with the result you desire if done right. Contact InfoVision for assistance, as we can help with iPhone app development, along with android app development and others such as the iPad and blackberry.