IT Staffing: Finding Top Talent Quickly

4 minutes read
on 23 October, 2017

IT Staffing: Finding Top Talent Quickly

You hear it everywhere you go. It’s hard to find top IT talent. At the same time, we hear talented technology solutions professionals say they can’t find a position that offers them the financial and personal rewards they want.

Part of it is the fact that IT department budgets may never reach their pre-recession budget levels. A recent Mercer compensation survey of U.S. employers found that most plan to increase IT staffing budgets this year, with the average increase in base pay expected to be 2.8-4.8%. Half of the IT professionals responding to a survey on technical skills recruiting site say they’re looking for a salary bump of 8-12%.

With a gap in expectations like that, it’s no wonder that many people with sought-after skills – notably developers – are looking towards start-ups and IT staffing firms or consultancies where hard and fast rules about compensation and benefits are less limiting. But that’s not all bad for large companies in need of IT staff – outsourcing to fill in staff through IT staffing services is at an all-time high throughout the U.S.

Smaller companies can develop and provide services that their in-house team can’t take on, and larger companies often source through IT staffing services for additional staff for specialized projects, or when they have difficulty recruiting full-time staff with the skills they require. Mobile app developers, project management, and enterprise application management expertise are especially sought after skills right now.

Although no IT staffing service can guarantee immediate availability for high-demand talent, it’s usually faster to find the specific skills needed through an IT staffing company or consultancy than via direct recruitment. Of course, recruiters are turning to social media to recruit top talent, finding that adding social media to online job postings and traditional recruiting can cut the time to hire by as much as 25%.


Working With IT Staffing Services

One of the major benefits of working with an IT staffing service is access to the kinds of professionals who choose to work as consultants or “freelance” talent. Self-motivated people who are confident in their own skills are drawn to the freedom and mobility that comes with working with an IT staffing service because it allows them to work in the industries they like best, and on the projects where their skills are most valued. Most also like the flexibility of moving on once the project is completed.

To get the best candidates from an IT staffing service, it’s critical to provide an accurate overview of the tasks and projects the candidate will be working on.

Top IT staffing services like InfoVision are extremely selective in consultants and IT staff that we hire and provide to our clients. Keeping our staff and our clients satisfied — and our reputation within the industry solid – means accurately matching people with positions, and that means gathering as much information as possible about the position before we submit the first resume.

InfoVision’s Strategic Resourcing Methodology has evolved over more than a decade. It allows us to consider client needs against a structured framework, and recommend the best solution, whether that solution brings one or a team of InfoVision employees to the client’s location, or offers turn-key technology solutions provided through one of our on- or offshore resource development organization (RDO) sites. The same methodology is applied whether we’re placing a single part-time individual for a client-managed project or putting together a hundred-person team within the RDO for a client project.

The goal, of course, is to deliver the talent that fits best within your organization. Because we constantly recruit, screen, and evaluate candidate skills, we can streamline the hiring process to save time, money, and risks. Many of our employees have worked with us for years, but even if the candidate we present to you is new to our team, they’ve undergone extensive interviewing and skills assessment to ensure that they both the required technology skills and the ability to fit in well with the project and organizational culture within your company.