IT Staffing Services Grow as IT Employment Stays Flat

3 minutes read
on 23 October, 2017

IT Staffing Services Grow as IT Employment Stays Flat

It’s no secret that many companies are keeping IT staffing levels flat – or even continuing to reduce them. But IT staffing services are continuing to grow and hire top talent, with industry projections showing a growth of 10-12% for IT staffing services during 2013.

Most of the growth for IT staffing services is coming from the high demand for higher-level skills such as systems analysis, mobile app development, and database administration.

The truth is that the need for IT staff hasn’t gone down, despite trends like data center downsizing, IaaS and PaaS that are moving some former IT jobs “to the cloud”, and offshoring. Companies are simply choosing to change the way in which they meet their need for IT staffing.  One of the biggest changes is the move from hiring fulltime, permanent staff, to using temporary help or turn-key IT solutions from a company with specific industry and solutions experience.

At InfoVision, we’ve been preparing for this shift in how businesses fill their IT staffing needs since the company was founded in 2007. One of the most important issues for any IT staffing services firm is to attract, hire and retain the best talent – especially the hard-to-recruit talent with the most sought-after skills.

To be able to respond to client’s complex requirements in a timely manner, top IT staffing services like InfoVision must constantly focus on offering these talented professionals:


  • Employee Benefits – FTO, insurance, 401K, LTD etc

  • Emphasis on people, processes and tools

  • Challenging opportunities

  • Employee recognition and rewards

  • Open communication

  • Skills/Talent utilization

  • Earnings potential

  • Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Paid training




Meeting the Need: High-Demand IT Skills

The greatest IT staffing demands right now are in project management, analytics, and developers (enterprise applications, mobile, data center/warehousing, and software engineering.  Of course, emerging IT technologies and trends drive IT staffing needs, so making sure that skills are up to date with ongoing training is the best way to get the highest-paying jobs.

Currently, the greatest demand for IT staff is in the areas of:



  • Mobile app developers

  • HTML 5

  • Data warehouse analysts

  • User experience product designers

  • Virtualization/Cloud computing (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)

  • Collaboration workflow

  • Social media/Internet


Competition for top talent in these areas can be intense, but some things remain the same.  Reference and background checks are critical, and many companies are beginning to use social media to ensure that prospective new hires have an online presence that isn’t likely to cause problems for their new employer.  There’s even a new app called Fire Me! that ranks Twitter posts from around the world based on inappropriate comments about the poster’s job, boss, or co-workers. Anyone can use the free app to rank their own content to see if there’s anything in their Twitter archive that could be problematic during a job search.

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