IT Staffing Solutions: Helping your New Hire Transition into your Company

3 minutes read
on 22 October, 2017

IT Staffing Solutions: Helping your New Hire Transition into your Company

After a company hires a new employee, it’s essential to make sure that they are brought into his or her position with guidance and a little supervision. Helping new employees have a smooth transition into their new office is often overlooked because of the lack of time a supervisor may have, or a lack of knowledge about how the process can affect the entire company’s success.


At InfoVision, an IT staffing services and solutions company, we help companies acquire dynamic staffing solutions in order to gain the ability to possess a successful onboarding system for new employees. We want to make sure that with each hire, not only is he or she successful, but we also strive to make sure the company becomes more and more successful as the team grows.

Although it may take some time to ensure a successful transition, it will end up saving the company time and stress in the long run. By correctly implementing the new hire into the company processes and being there to answer any questions or solve problems, any unnecessary issues later on will be avoided. If the new hire is unaware of how the company works, it will result in causing a headache for the team, and it wouldn’t be the new hire’s fault if they were never properly brought onboard.

There should be a program that can provide the new hires with proper training and answers to any questions in order to help them learn all of the company processes, and this training should always be available to them to avoid wasting time finding the right person to ask their questions to.

Please read further to learn about some helpful tips that could help make onboarding easier for new hires.

Create an onboarding process document

If there hasn’t been an onboarding handbook already made before the search for new hires begins, there should be time set aside to create a document that outlines the entire process for a new hire. It should cover everything the new team member needs to know and as they get to know and understand the steps and programs, less supervision will be needed and more time will be saved in the end.

Tailor the program to the new hire’s needs

There should be a handbook for each department and each specific handbook should be tailored to the new hire and how they work best. Since everyone learns differently, the process should not be the same for every hire. This will ensure that your company gets the best results from every team member.

The program should also be recreated to play to the new hire’s strengths in order to ensure success. For example, if they explain that they have a photogenic memory and don’t need to write things down, allow them to learn the way they claim to learn. Watch the process to see how it goes and if they work just fine without notes, let that be the way they work.

Always keep the document up-to-date

It is extremely important to make sure that time is spent updating the employee’s handbook whenever there is a change to the company. Be sure that the new hire is aware of the new processes the company follows to avoid any problems either between employees or between the employee and client.

Onboarding handbooks are great staffing solution documents that can help make sure companies don’t keep hiring people that may be detrimental to the business, and also ensure that new hires are exactly what they need to succeed. Think about creating documents of strategic resources for the new hire to turn to in times of trouble or confusion. Include presentations, webinars and small exams or evaluations as the weeks and months go on to ensure they are completing the processes correctly.

If your company would like to learn more about how to correctly transition new team members, please contact InfoVision today so we can provide you with the best IT staffing service possible!