The Benefits of a Staffing Firm Consultant

3 minutes read
on 19 October, 2017

The Benefits of a Staffing Firm Consultant

When faced with making staffing decisions for a looming technology project, it’s time to consider whether to hire a full-time employee or utilize your existing staff. However, there is a third option that shouldn’t be overlooked: partner with a firm to fill your staffing needs with a consultant. Below are just a few of the benefits that companies can realize by bringing on a skilled, hand-picked consultant.


Depending on the help you’ll need, it may seem practical to weigh the cost of hiring a consultant against the cost of hiring a full-time employee. However, it’s important to keep in mind that monthly or hourly costs don’t tell the whole story, as employees come with expenses beyond just their salaries. In addition, keep in mind that employee costs are long-term rather than temporary. After considering the financial impact of covering employee benefits as well as the tax implications that come along with an employee, companies often find that hiring a consultant is by and large the most economical and cost-effective decision.


Hiring an employee to fill your project’s needs can be a drawn-out, time consuming production. Once a search begins and a hiring decision is made, an extensive application process followed by multiple rounds of interviews and a final hiring process can mean losing weeks or months before hiring a new employee. Plus, whether you hire a new employee or decide to use existing staff, a new project can mean having to bring your employees up to speed with an extensive training program. By allowing a staffing firm to provide a handpicked consultant with the exact skills and background you need to join your team, you give your project the ability to get started sooner – and to hit the ground running.

The Right Expertise

Whether you hire a new employee or decide to use existing staff, a new project can mean having to bring your employees up to speed with an extensive training program. With a professional IT staffing firm, you can be matched with a consultant who has the expertise and experience in the exact field of specialization you need.

Fresh Viewpoints

A common reservation when it comes to hiring consultants for a project is the concern of bringing in an outsider, someone who is unfamiliar with company culture, past projects, and standard procedure. However, not only is this generally no cause for concern, but this can actually be beneficial to the project – and to the team as a whole. Someone from the outside can join a project without preconceived biases or company routines hindering their perspective, and can contribute new ideas and viewpoints that spark inspiration and result in a better process and finished product.

Increased Productivity

Occasionally, companies attempt to fill a staffing need “by committee”, pulling in other employees to contribute what they can, even though none of them may be truly available or have the right skillset. Hiring a consultant that is dedicated and focused on an aspect of a project within their area of expertise means that your current employees can focus their attention on their own projects and responsibilities, increasing productivity not only on the project at hand but throughout other departments.

No matter what your IT staffing needs, InfoVision’s Strategic Resources can provide the right resources with the right skills for the job. To learn more about how we can provide the solutions you need, whether that’s a single consultant working on-site or an entire team in our facilities, contact us today.