Tips to Consider in your Mobile App Strategy

3 minutes read
on 22 October, 2017

Tips to Consider in your Mobile App Strategy

With more and more high tech smart phone devices surfacing each year, people are climbing aboard the mobile app train. Mobile applications make life easier for the user because they don’t have to use their computer or go to an actual website on their phone in order to find out any information about the product, service or company they are interested in.

If you struggle between having a mobile app for your website and having a mobile friendly website, go the app route and have both! The majority of mobile device owners have some type of smart phone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android, and they use their phone for everything. One of the most frustrating things that can occur is when you are using your phone to surf the web and you visit a particular website, only to find out that it’s too difficult to navigate around because it’s not mobile friendly. Mobile apps are perfect for getting all of the information on the website out in a clean and easy-to-navigate manner.

At InfoVision, we want to provide you with mobile app solutions and mobile app development tips to help you create the best app for your needs.

Before creating your mobile application, you need a strategy.Here are some tips to follow:

What to include in your mobile app

The point of a mobile application is to make the navigation of a website on a mobile device easier by appearing in an application. Avoid trying to include every small detail that is on your main website and only stick with the important ones. The user is utilizing their mobile device instead of their computer because they’re on the go and don’t have time to navigate through an entire website. Decide which information is the most important and make that information easily accessible in a straight forward navigation pane once the app opens up. Some important aspects to include are:


  • Contact information

  • About us

  • Login section if applicable

  • Link to your website

  • Any section needed that adheres to your site in order for them to be able to complete a task or read what they are most likely looking for


Don’t forget that the user interaction that you desire goes beyond the functionality and interaction the app has with its user since it also has a lot to do with the visual appeal. Make the user want to engage with the app based on how it looks. First impressions mean something when it comes to applications.

Promoting your mobile app

Your ultimate goal when creating your mobile app is for it to be accessible through the application stores on mobile and tablet devices. In order for your app to get recognized, you have to do your work promoting it. Once it is completed, you should begin to place ads for your mobile app among different platforms including the:



  • Website

  • Blogs

  • Emails

  • Newsletters

  • Social media, etc.


A key to exposing your app on social media is having ‘share’ buttons on the app itself, allowing the users to share information they find from it as well as help it gain recognition.

Once the creation of the app is completed and the continuous promotion of your mobile app is underway, it is essential that you keep your users interested. You want your mobile app to be the source that they go to when they have a problem or when they need the service you offer. Make sure you are constantly making updates and engaging with them.

The key is to maintain your customers by making them want to keep your app and make it worth their time. As a result, they’ll do some free promoting for you by telling their friends and spreading the information about your mobile app through platforms such as social media.



If you would like to learn more about creating a winning mobile app strategy, please contact InfoVision today!We specialize in android and iPhone app development along with Blackberry app development.